Home ownership has left the to-do list full from day one. I put this project off for some time since I had zero experience doing tile work on such a large scale. The kitchen wall wasn’t too big a task, but doing a full wall, a shower and a floor… that’s a whole other beast.

Planning took a few months with material shopping, measuring, shopping and measuring some more. You woodworkers know the old adage. The first task before any demo started was to figure out the vanity situation. Again, planning, measuring, shopping, and so on. Everything from the big boxes just weren’t working for me and the prices, whoa. At this point I had already built up my workshop with enough tools needed to do something myself, so I decided to build my own.


With ideas in my head, research somewhat complete and the sink picked out, I opened SketchUp and started the build.

The Build & remodel

With that complete it was time to pull the trigger on the fun part, demo. With only one bathroom I had to do a lot of this work in sections to make sure I had a semi-working bathroom to use. Work was spread out over 3 months, and was only inconvenienced once during that period, if you know what I mean. This was a great learning experience and something I would definitely do again.