The Williams FW14B was one of the most innovative cars of its day with the introduction of active suspension. This was also one of the most detailed model builds I’ve ever undertaken. Inspiration came from the many talented model builders that have built this car. Unfortunately I cannot find info on the specific builder I relied on for photos and build advice, but his level of detail he applied to all of his kits was amazing. Opened up a whole new world of model building to me.

Once I received the kit and saw all of the existing details like metal suspension arms, hoses, copper piping and knowing I could add carbon fiber decals I knew this was going to be a long build. Taking my time to get it right. It had been years since I built a kit so I was starting from scratch with tools, paint and supplies. First step was to build a portable spray booth and gather all of the supplies. There are a ton of progress photos and detailed shots in the galleries below.

The Glamore Shots