Don’t worry about the details, just build the thing.

My introduction to scale models started with helicopters and airplanes. This swiftly shifted to cars once I got into auto racing and sports cars. My love of racing goes way back to the days of Kenny Berstein, Joe Amato, Don Purdome and Bob Glidden. Growing up on the east coast provided plenty of venues to experience drag racing, the smell of nitro and the heart pounding top fuel cars was amazing. Unfortunately, the scale model scene didn’t provide a ton of drag racing options, so sports cars and Nascar models had to do at that time. Pretty sure there was a monster truck in there at some point.

Sorry about the image quality, these were taken in the early 80’s with a disc camera. Pretty sure there were zero focus options on those things.

I was a kid, what did I know about photography. Promise, new photos will be better quality.

That drag racing experience led me right into other motorsports like open-wheel and sports car/endurance racing, which I still enjoy a lot. The model options for those categories are way more available these days. Over the years as the model options grew so did my skill level with building, detailing and weathering. I tend to take more than a few hours to build kits these days. Also, I keep my models instead of blowing them up with firecrackers… Ahh youth!